Modern interior with fireplace 3D rendering


Advantages (in addition to its stylish appearance) we can mention durability, ease of application and cleanliness – there are no joints and the surface is smooth, so that no dirt and soap deposits are collected. What is more, the sealed microcement is completely waterproof, so it can be used in shower cabins and for finishing off line drains.

Microcement and concrete in the bathroom can be used in infinitely many ways. Thanks to our products, you can accomplish any, even the most extravagant idea.

Excellent for wet rooms.

Is microcement floor cold?

Absolutely not! Concrete absorbs the ambient temperature, so it is usually warmer than traditional tiles.Microcement can be installed on underfloor heating systems.

Give new life to your old furniture and coat it with microcement! Microcement can be used on dining room tables, nightstands, cupboards, kitchen countertops and even doors. The system is finished with a topcoat sealer available in mat, satin and glossy to give it stain and water resistance.

A seamless contemporary space characterised by a unique and customized design. Thanks to the manual application, it is greatly customizable through a wide choice of colours and effects. It’s also a very versatile solution; it matches many different decor styles and its seamlessness visually enlarges the spaces; microcement is therefore suitable for small bathrooms too. Attentively designed microcement is resistant to wear, water and chemical agents. Compared to traditional tiles, it’s practical and easy to clean.


A seamless floor visually enlarges the space and allows a better cleanliness; joints tend to blacken and to accumulate dirt if not properly and frequently cleaned. A bathroom without tiles, coated with a seamless surface is easy and quick to clean.

In summary, microcement modern solutions represent a convenient choice because they are humidity and wear-resistant, long-lasting and easy to clean.