Modern interior with fireplace 3D rendering


Micro cement is an excellent solution for coating the kitchen countertop because with just 3 mm thickness it can be applied to any surface, renovating an interior in an easy and quick way. Thanks to specific treatments, a micro cement countertop is waterproof and resistant to scratches, impacts as proved by the tests it has undergone to verify its performance. Furthermore, a seamless surface is easy to clean. Micro cement does not release harmful substances in the air and its colour does not change over time.

A micro cement countertop allows you to renovate your kitchen without changing it, because it gives the space a touch of beauty and originality while matching any decor style and any material. A wide range of colours and textures are available; after a few years, if you decide to change colour it’s possible to polish the surface and apply a new, thin layer of micro cement.

Micro cement it’s possible to obtain endless combinations of colours and effects, all of which are customizable thanks to the manual application. From the most neutral colours to the brightest shades, with many different effects: rough cement, wood, cloud-effect, satin or shiny: the possibilities for coating the kitchen countertops are limited only by  your imagination.

micro cement kitchen