Modern interior with fireplace 3D rendering


Aquaciment is the micro cement recommended for coating surfaces in permanent contact with water, such as pools, ponds or fountains, both new and those pending renovation. It permits totally continuous planes without joints. Once in contact with the water, it continues to harden.

It is presented in two grain textures:

Aquaciment XL

Application in both base and finish. Thanks to its coarse grain both rough and non-slip textures can be employed, making it ideal for the outer edges of pools.

Aquaciment M

Application only in finishing. A medium grain texture, with a smooth finish, pleasant to the touch, which makes it ideal for the interior of pools.

Aquaciment allows any finishing colour, there are no limits. Best of all, You can make demarcation lines or create drawings in different colours. Additionally, inlays with different materials like mosaics, shields, emblems etcetera, can be added… A totally personalised pool!